Tuesday, July 29, 2014

South Arkansas [Church] Dealing With Vandalism

EL DORADO, AR -- Two El Dorado businesses and a church were the targets of vandals this past weekend, spray painted with graffiti.

"I couldn't believe it really," says Green.

Preacher of Victory Bible Church, Dr. Robert Green, says he is fed up with it.

"First of all, as a pastor, they need to receive Jesus as their Savior and then get with some mentors that will tell them about Jesus, and then, take some responsibility," says Green.

Green says one of the women in the neighborhood says she spotted the boys spray painting another church.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stillwater church's sign vandalized to read, "God bless the KKK"

Pastor John Kaiyalethe was summoned to work on his day off yesterday when the Oak Park Heights Police Department let him know somebody had vandalized the sign at his church, the Calvary Assembly, which sits just across the border from Stillwater at 5805 Osgood Avenue N.

The lettering of the sign, which had read "God Bless Oak Park Heights," had been changed to read, "God Bless the KKK."

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Church vandal left dead squirrel, 'Hail Satan' note

A North Charleston teenager left a dead squirrel and a note saying "Hail Satan!" after vandalizing a church at least twice, according to investigators.

Ashton Taylor Clayton, 19, of Indigo Fields Boulevard was arrested Wednesday and charged with two counts of malicious injury to property to a place of worship.

Peace Lutheran Church at 8315 Dorchester Road was vandalized several times since May, according to the Dorchester County Sheriff's Office.

A staff member called the Sheriff's Office May 20 to say she saw a man wearing a black hoodie behind the church destroying a statue of St. Francis. She said this was the third time this had happened in the last week.

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Dallas police label vandalism of 'gay' church, monuments, media buildings, a 'hate crime'

Note: Of all church vandalisms reported to date on this blog, this is the first one where the local police department gave a press conference and labeled the vandalism a "hate crime."

Dallas Police are investigating what they believe may be a hate crime. Officers say someone has spray-painted "666" on at least a half-dozen landmarks and businesses around town. Investigators believe it started at The Cathedral of Hope, the self-described "nation's largest gay church." Parishioners found out Sunday morning, and took pictures to show police. "This is a reminder that Dallas is not the tolerant place we hoped it could be," says Rev. Jim Mitulsky. Just a mile to the south of the church, the entrance of Dallas' gay entertainment and lifestyle boulevard, the monument known as the "Legacy of Love" was also stained with the remnants of the washed away 666. "This is malicious and hateful and cowardly," says Oak Lawn Committee president Brenda Marks. Police identified six vandalized locations Monday, including the print media homes of the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine and the Dallas Observer. Authorities do not believe the acts were random. "Right now we are tentatively labeling it a hate crime, just because it's gay pride month, the locations are of significance," says Lt. Eno Fite.

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